It was so painless falling in love...

With Dean... And Cas and Sam and Bobby and Crowley and Meg and Bela and Abbadon and Blaine and Santana and Rachel and Connor and Wes and Laurel and Michaela and Keating and Castle and Beckett and Merlin and Arthur and Harry and Ron and Hermione and Tessa and Will and Jem and Jace and Clary and Alec and Magnus and Isabelle and Simon and Joey and Chandler and Ross and Phoebe and Monica and Rachel and Darren and Joey and Lauren and Joe and Meredith and Brian and Dylan and Jaime and Cersei and Tyrion and Jon and Dany and Arya and Renly and Loras and Margaery and Robb and Jensen and Misha and Jared and... everyone.
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    You either love Run, Joey, Run with the the delighted, passionate joy of a small child on a pony ride, or you loathe it with the fury of Apollo’s chariot in a forest fire. There is no middle ground.

    Run, Joey, Run is a classic Glee moments I will forever treasure in my heart.

    Daddy please don’t! 

    Ahhh, is this the origins of a fangirl kink I see?

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    We are all the pieces of what we remember. 

                            We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears
                                                 of those who love us.
                            As long as there is love and memory,
                                                        there is no true loss.”

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